The Jesus Myth

16 06 2006

Here's an interesting essay which explores the origins of the Jesus myth, and how there's more evidence to support his creation as a myth from various earlier myths rather than his existence as a real person.

The Jesus story incorporated elements from the tales of other deities recorded in this widespread area, such as many of the following world saviors and "sons of God," most or all of whom predate the Christian myth, and a number of whom were crucified or executed.33a

  • Adad of Assyria
  • Adonis, Apollo, Heracles ("Hercules") and Zeus of Greece
  • Alcides of Thebes
  • Attis of Phrygia
  • Baal of Phoenicia
  • Bali of Afghanistan
  • Beddru of Japan
  • Buddha of India
  • Crite of Chaldea
  • Deva Tat of Siam
  • Hesus of the Druids
  • Horus, Osiris, and Serapis of Egypt, whose long-haired, bearded appearance was adopted for the Christ character34
  • Indra of Tibet/India
  • Jao of Nepal
  • Krishna of India
  • Mikado of the Sintoos
  • Mithra of Persia
  • Odin of the Scandinavians
  • Prometheus of Caucasus/Greece
  • Quetzalcoatl of Mexico
  • Salivahana of Bermuda
  • Tammuz of Syria (who was, in a typical mythmaking move, later turned into the disciple Thomas35)
  • Thor of the Gauls
  • Universal Monarch of the Sibyls36
  • Wittoba of the Bilingonese
  • Xamolxis of Thrace
  • Zarathustra/Zoroaster of Persia
  • Zoar of the Bonzes

 Since Christianity, as all religions, is faith based; I don't think the actual existence of Jesus as a historical figure makes much of a difference as far as the validity of Christianity goes – If a myth and a person both teach the same things does it matter which one it is? 

An interesting read though, nonetheless.




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