Christian Statistics

30 06 2006

 Here are some great statistics published by the World Evangelization Research Center – they sent out 10 million questionnaires in 3000 languages  –

The 5 most dangerous of all Christian vocations (over 3% murder rates) are:bishops,evangelists,catechists,colporteurs,foreign missionaries.

Some 250 of the 300 largest international Christian organizations regularly mislead the Christian public by publishing demonstrably incorrect or falsified progress statistics.

 78 countries each have Great Commission Christians whose personal incomes exceed US$1 billion a year.

Annual church embezzlements by top custodians exceed the entire cost of all foreign missions worldwide.





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16 09 2006

I am looking for a statistic about the percentage of American non-chirsitan high school students who graduate unsaved, but become Christians AFTER highschool….If you can help me with this I would love for you to e-mail me. Thank you!

14 12 2011
Marvalyn Kothman

I am also looking for those stats…I do know that after the age of 20, the chances of people accepting Jesus as their Savior drops dramatically. It is sad to note too that children from Christian homes who go on to college often lose their faith, something like 75%….just watch and pray constantly, remain faithful to your Lord and Savior.

28 09 2006

After reading this blog you should know that I would take offense to your classification of people as ‘unsaved’.

9 12 2006

Would you prefer “lost”? The classification stands, weather you take offence or not.

8 01 2007

Actually, that’s a false syllogism. Just because you call me unsaved does not make me unsaved.

2 07 2007

Nobody called you unsaved but there is a group of people in this world who fall in the unsaved/lost classification. It is a “saved persons” job to paint a picture of christianity explaining and teaching to the best of ability. Its the “unsaved – lost” that decides to accept or reject what has been presented.
thanks – Cody

2 07 2007

Ah, but since we do not recognize the same authority on this matter, I am in my eyes, not unsaved.

1 08 2007

how’s blissfuly ignorant for ya?

I want (need) a figure of the # of people deciding that being “blisfully ignorant” isn’t right for them and they become christians…


4 09 2007
john vondercrone

Do you know how many churches there are in Pennsylvania?

Do you know how many churches there are in the U.S.A?

Do you know how many countries there are where Christianity is the predominant religion?

Do you know how many Christians there are in the world today?

If you do, please let me know, I would like to have the information.

Thank you.


4 09 2007

my answer to all of those questions is:

drum roll . . .


11 10 2007

Does anyone have some reliable statistics about the number of christians who accept Jesus in Jr High and fall away later?

31 10 2007

I was wondering if anyone knew the statistic of how many homosexuals are if the public Jr. Highschools and Highschools?

25 01 2008
Religious Statistics « Fear of Ignorance

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28 01 2008

John V. I on the other hand would disagree with Mitchell, and say there is not enough Christians in the world.

5 02 2008

Do you know what percentage of Christians are women?

6 02 2008


I made that up though.

19 02 2008

I think too much time is being wasted arguing about the specific definition of “saved” and “unsaved” for Christians and non-Christians. I think what we really should be answering Sarah’s question about the statistics on which I would say would be somewhere around 20 % considering the populations of Christians today and the convertion ratios of 2007. I don’t think aruging over semantics will get us anywhere.

28 02 2008

Saying that everyone who hasn’t accepted Christianity is “lost” or “unsaved”
shows the inability of some Christians to realize that their religion is only one of many.

To you Christians who think everyone else is “unsaved” remember that the muslims think the same thing about you. And they are the fastest growing religion in the world.

Who’s right? The side with the most evidence, usually. That side is the scientific one, which offers the ONLY understanding of the world that is based on what is observed and testable.

23 03 2010

If you do honest research as a journalist does research, you will be lead to the truthful answer which you will only find on your own journey. Seek a true relationship with God. Be honest when you speak to Him and don’t give up. Do not seek information from religious leaders defending their faith. Only those who stand up to the test of truth. A good start is ” The Case For Christ” by Lee Strobel. He is a journalist for Chicago Tribune who used his career skills to find TRUTH. He makes sense for his honesty. There are Christians who themselves are unsaved and think they are saved. Most of the time those are the ones passing judgment. The Bible says “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23. Al-Baqara 2:146, Al-Imran 3:71, Al-Baqara2:159 are from the Quran. This is where Muslim teachers mislead their disciples out of fear that they will lose their followers. A curse will fall on them for concealing the true Word of God. They are not verses referring to people who changed the words of God, but those who concealed it as they are doing. God is stronger than any human, and while humans try to conceal God’s word, His truth still stands clearly from error. Read- Is the Injeel Corrupted ?-by Fouad Masri

10 03 2008

This Mitchell fellow is rather funny. Apparently he’s blissfully ignorant?! And i totally agree with EJ.

27 04 2008
William Derixson

There are a lot of religions in this world. However, to everything real there is a counterfeit, or in this case, many counterfeits. Christianity is more than religion, it is about a real relationship. It’s not about what you can do to earn salvation, but about what He has done to pay the penalty for your sins and mine. Accepting the truth in Jesus will reveal the lie in false religion.

27 04 2008

The whole thing is kind of self referential wouldn’t you say? We should worship him because he died for our sins – but what is a sin? Something that he defined. Worshiping someone for doing something that theoretically saves me from something he says I’ve done and the he has determined to be “bad” makes me more than a little suspicious.

7 05 2008

Sorry this doesn’t go with the statistics thing. But in response to Mitchell.

God created human beings to live with Him and worship Him, but he gave us free will so that we would be able to love. Because of free will, we don’t always choose the right thing, hence sin. Now, sin, unfortunately seperates us from God, which makes our lives miserable to an extent, whether we realize it or not, because we lack His presence in our lives. We were meant to live in His presence, if we don’t live with Him because of sin, then we’re like a fish out of water. Jesus didn’t die for our sins, He died because of our sin, because it was seperating us from God. It’s not a struggle between bad or good, or what you do, it’s a struggle of becoming to know God, and love Him, and being able to spend eternity in Heaven with Him, doing what you were created to do in eternal bliss, instead of being permanently seperated from Him and being cast our of His presence into Hell. The thing that most humans have a problem with, me included, is that we don’t want to submit to that high of an authority, and do what He wants us to do. But, we fail to realize that He is our Creator. And that’s the part of the equation that people need to realize to make the rest of it, the whole, sin, seperation, dying, salvation, bit make sense.

Every human has at one time felt a void in his or her life, something that wasn’t there, some love, or something that makes you feel alone. That is the seperation that you have from God.

Now the reason Christians view the rest of the world as ‘unsaved,’ or the ‘lost’ is because, they have not excepted God, and become a Christian, therefore, when called into Eternity, (according to Christians) they will not join in with the feasting in Heaven. They will be permantently cast into Hell, seperation from God. If any loving human being, seriously thought that that was going to happen to the rest of the world, then they would call the people who don’t realize it ‘unsaved’ as well. Not to diss any other religions, they have passion, they believe in what they’re doing more than some Christians I know. But I, being a Christian, despite their passion, still see them as the unsaved, just like they, despite my passion, still see me as ‘unsaved'(or whatever their religion says). It’s just this religion, is more than a religion to me ‘it is a relationship’ like has been said before. The relationship saves you, hence, the unsaved business.

I apologize for the rant. I really do, but I’m being rushed out of class, and I don’t have time to sort through it. Sorry, if I repeated anything. I really do respect you, and I hope that you eventually will look at Christians as something other than.

Once again, sorry for the rant.

NOTE: This comment was turned into this blog entry.

8 05 2008
A Christian’s Rant « Fear of Ignorance

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25 10 2008

Wow, this discussion on the terms “saved,” “unsaved,” and “lost” is a great study of post-modern and post-Christian America…not to make our post-modern friends into case studies or anything.

4 12 2008

wow Mitchell, i hope you know your going to hell…

15 05 2011

I’m sorry but it’s comments like these that make people hate Christians. I am one, a pastor, in fact. I love God with all my heart and I’m not looking to offend anyone, but no good comes of people putting down others. Jesus only ever called out the “saved”, “religious” people of his day who were being hypocritical. Follow His example…show people who don’t believe love…not hate.

22 07 2009

I am looking for the following statistic:

How many Americans who would classify themselves as something other than “saved by the grace of Jesus Christ” die each week?
Please forward responses to



9 09 2009

It puzzles me that anyone could’ve graduated college and not become an athiest, but I guess I’m just priveledged. Didn’t they ever take an anthropology course? They couldn’t have ever opened their eyes or had one critical thought in their brains or they wouldn’t remain so blind. And lets not blame all the ignorance on Christians. They share it with all religions, but theirs just so happens to be very imposing and therefore annoying.

Religion controls the masses, it appeases a need for belonging, it answers questions that we can not otherwise explain, it gives us a sense of purpose. It does all those things and more. It creates prejudices and it limits the human mind from going further than “because God did it.”

Christianity is a dilemma of its own. You can ask 100 different people “What is Christianity” and, if they actually gave you a thoughtful answer, you would get 100 different answers. Some take the Bible literelly, others don’t. Some only take some of the Bible literally. It’s so ridiculously split that I can’t imagine why so few can see it for what it really is. A club! Oh, you don’t like the way that pastor is interpreting the Bible? Let’s make a new denomination! How can a religion that is so RIGHT be so negotiable?

And just because you may think that only Christians have a real relationship with their savior and God, how does that make it more true? So you’ve befriended a dead guy and talk to him and his father daily. You assume that he is listening and may even delude yourself into thinking that he is talking to you in your dreams or (for heaven’s sake) through your own mouth “in tongues”. And what is with people speaking “in tongues” in King James? I assure you, Jesus didn’t speak King James.

But really you are so insecure about your own religion that you refuse to admit that someone else may be right. You know, during colonial times, most cultures accepted Christian gods as more powerful than their own because white people had so many things that they wanted. They didn’t give up their gods. They just added the Christian one. Eventually they gave up their old gods because the missionaries told them they had to, and they had already become so dependent on the materials they were getting that they complied. This conversion isn’t because of the power of Christianity. It’s because of the power of materialism, and actually the apathy towards opposing gods. The world should be so lucky that Christians could be so apathetic towards others and confident that they are right, without having to try and convert everyone (they call it “saving”) into their club so that they aren’t the only ones who look like morons.

Unfortunately Christianity can be SO broad that you don’t have to follow the Bible at all and still consider yourself a Christian. It’s a consumer religion, to be sure. Have it your way, America!

It’s very unfortunate that there are so many closet atheists out there. I think it would surprise the Christians just how many there really are. And no, I’m not just hiding behind this moniter. I have a bumper sticker, too.

You poor poor people. Wasting your lives away on a childish dream that went too far. Yes, pearly gates in the sky sure do sound nice, don’t they? And you may retort that my life must be very null and void, but it is quite the contrary. For instance, evolution is a very exciting thing! And no, it is not just a theory. Darwin’s explanation for evolution is a theory, but evolution in itself is a fact. And what about space travel? Wow! And just imagine, the Greeks thought their gods lived on Mt Olympus. I wonder how much further we will have to go before people give up God entirely.

24 05 2017

I couldn’t agree with you more. Christianity as a religion makes no sense. it never claims to… at least not to what the Bible terms as a carnal mind. (a mind governed by physical and intellectual relationship with one’s surroundings. )

Every Christian is characterised by his Acceptance of Jesus as his Saviour. what the individual does or doesn’t do (rites, traditions, mode of worship etc. ) is solely dependent on his understanding of the personality of Jesus as well as how willing he or she is to let that understanding influence his life. no matter how strayed or varying our beliefs are, we are bound by the single belief that Jesus is real, died for us, resurrected and alive today and is an influence on our day to day life.

hence the religion aspect of Christianity is personal. some accept that while others, like myself aren’t bound to religion.
I would much rather have a fruitful relationship with Jesus, than to merely go through the motions of a religious life.

now let me engage your mind and heart in a thoughtful reflection (I realise this may be tautological )

what if you were wrong?
what if the Christians were right.?

would you truly want to keep living your life alienated to the wonderful personality of Jesus? or would you seek the truth of his claims??

Christianity is not about how to become or how to get somewhere. it’s a “fan base” of Jesus. like every fan base has a fair share of variety of fans. fanatics, die hard, easy going it doesn’t matter to us… because at the end of the Day, Jesus is who we celebrate and love.


8 12 2009

To “E” and all anti-religious:

All these boasting of science dependent on evidence. Who’s making war with Science anyway? They are only asking for statistics, not anyone’s twisted opinion on religion. If your going to fight someone with your so called evidence, you might end up discovering that you are insisting on your interpretation of the evidence, not what the “evidence” actually represent. If evolution is science, and science is something measurable and testable, then do please show us someone who have lived long enough to observe evolution and make right conclusions. Someone who accurately measured the process. For all I care, you are still like most religions: only guessing and reasoning-out excuses to justify your guess. You boast of your brain? Then use it.

1 05 2010

You may be interested to check out this site.

29 06 2010

my heart goes out too you. I believe that you have the same out look as many people do and it’s sad that many people on this forum are badgering you for it. While I do not disagree a 100% percent with what they are saying, I do find this to be true:
Your religious mindsets are the reason why so many people walk away from Christ.
Some Statistics:
==> 99% of churches are not reaching the 17-30 age group
==> 80% of churched high school students intend to leave the church upon graduation
==> 80% of 20-somethings are leaving the church each year

HOW SCARY IS THAT?! Because instead of loving the people who oppose us we want to tell them they will never amount to anything and that they are going to hell… instead of showing them the love of God, instead of reaching our hand out and helping them know this loving Jesus that we dont deserve to know!!!! WE DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUDGE OR CONDEMN ANYONE!!! dont you see it is US!!!! who is ruining our gospel? when we take US out of it God will finally have a place to move!!! I seek God, not mans approval. This forum just breaks my heart…. That Gods people would be so quick to condemn someone else to hell. WOW. Im 19 years old. and religion has left such a bad taste in my mouth, it scares people away. You can find Religion without Christians EVERYWHERE, but it is hard to find Christians without Religion. My RELATIONSHIP with Christ makes me able to go on. Sure I go to Bible College, and attend church 4 times a week, but thats because of my yearning for Gods word. I was made to love God.

3 09 2010
Johnny Dep

Hey I’m trying to find some stats on how many christians conduct statistical research. Can someone help me with this?

4 03 2013
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