NY Supreme Court Sidesteps Issue

6 07 2006

The New York Supreme Court has ruled that the constitution does not guarantee the right for homosexuals to marry.  They said also that it does not deny it.  They basically said that it is up to the lawmakers to decide.

“Plaintiffs have not persuaded us that this long-accepted restriction is a wholly irrational one, based solely on ignorance and prejudice against homosexuals,” the court said.

I would like to read what arguments the plaintiffs made.  Over and over again intellectuals have concluded that there is no justifiable reason to bar homosexuals from marriage.

But, the NY Supreme Court is right, if an idea is ‘long-accepted’ it must be OK.  Slavery, racism, and patriarchy are all great examples of ‘long-accepted’ ideas that must also be OK under this ruling.

NYT article 




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