Theocratic Micro Managment

6 07 2006

`Same-sex marriage runs contrary to the religious traditions of millions of New Yorkers of all faiths,” Faso said today in a statement. “If elected governor, I will work to ensure that marriage remains a relationship between a man and a woman.”

How is it we live in a democracy in which such statements like this one are not ridiculed? Understanding and respecting the beliefs of people of faith is surely an important aspect of being a politician. It is also important to realize that the government does not (should not) cater to the religious beliefs of any one group. In order to be respectful of one you have to be dismissive of all.

I agree with NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg who said,

“I have always thought that it is not something the state should get involved in, that it’s not the state’s business who you can marry.”

The proponents of the ban on gay marriage say that it is better for children to grow up in a household with both a female and male role-model. They also say that this family arrangement is “more stable”. (I’d like to see their data for that preposterous claim.)

Regardless of which relationship is more stable, since when is it the state’s business how I raise my children? As long as it is within the confines of the law I really don’t think they have the right to tell me what is best for my own.

I maintain that any person free from religious brain washing can not under any logical or reasonable argument explain to me why homosexuals should be prohibited from marriage. If you can, I’d honestly like to hear it.




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