Coulter’s Infallible Logic

8 07 2006

 Here’s an example of a logically incorrect statement masquerading as a logical statement: 

The second prong of Darwin’s “theory” is generally nothing but a circular statement: Through the process of natural selection, the “fittest” survive. Who are the “fittest”? The ones who survive! Why look – it happens every time! The “survival of the fittest” would be a joke if it weren’t part of the belief system of a fanatical cult infesting the Scientific Community.

The beauty of having a scientific theory that’s a tautology is that it can’t be disproved. Evolution cultists denounce “Creation Science” on the grounds that it’s not “science” because it can’t be observed or empirically tested in a laboratory. Guess what else can’t be observed or empirically tested? Evolution! (pp. 212-213).

That is a quote from Ann Coulter’s book, Godless: The Church of Liberalism. 

Exposing tautology is usually a good way to discredit an argument, but only when you understand what argument you’re trying to discredit. 

As this article points out,

 in Darwin’s theory those creatures with traits favored by their environment tend to reproduce more offspring than those less favored. No individual or species is more “fit” than another and none can claim special status because of their alleged “fitness.”

‘Survival of the fittest’ is a phrase not coined by Darwin, but by Herbert Spencer.  It is essentially a dumbed down simplified way of understanding the theory of evolution.  It’s a catch phrase.

So props to Coulter for trying to make a point, however miserably she failed.




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