New Once-A-Day AIDS Pill – Only $1 per Day

9 07 2006

That’s true.  Well the new ‘once a day AIDS pill’ part.  I rounded down on the price.  Once it is approved by the FDA (which is expected any day now) it will cost only about $1200 per month.  So if you’re rich and have AIDS – good news!  If you’re one of the other millions of people with AIDS who can’t afford basic health care, let alone AIDS drugs – you’re still fucked.

NYT article 

I understand that pharmaceutical companies have costs – that they need to make money.  What I don’t understand is why the only way they can make it is by charging an arm and a leg for their drugs.  There’s got to be another way.  Subsidies and philanthropy come to mind – and are used successfully in many cases – but why it hasn’t become the standard in funding drug development I do not know.




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