Gay Marriage: Contrary to the Will of God’s Constitution

13 07 2006

Richard Cohen of the Washington Post has an interesting rant about the NY Supreme Court’s recent ruling on gay marriage.

Reading the decision induces vertigo from page after page of circular reasoning. . . “[T]he Legislature could rationally believe that it is better, other things being equal, for children to grow up with both a mother and a father.” Those italics are my own insidious contribution because, really, there is nothing rational about such a belief. It is based solely and exclusively on staying in chambers or, when venturing out, going no farther than the ninth hole.

Why, one might ask, would a court make a ruling that so obviously ignores rationality in favor of bigotry?  I suggest that it is because they are, in fact, bigots. 

Saying that the issue should be addressed by the legislature is one thing – but the court’s job is to interpret the constitution – which is something they failed to do in this ruling.

I agree with Cohen who says,

[The issue] is based primarily on the easily understood and widely accepted words of the Declaration of Independence: “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness .” Since none of the counterarguments can prove any damage at all to society, the New York state high court missed a chance to further an education process and, justly, grant to homosexuals and lesbians the benefits of marriage so casually granted to heterosexuals.

 Read it.




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