Un-American Values Agenda

17 07 2006

The good ole Republican Party is now pushing something they call the ‘American Values Agenda’. 

Dubbed the “American Values Agenda,” the legislation includes bills to outlaw same-sex marriage, protect “unborn children,” ban cloning and even discourage legal challenges to violations of the First Amendment’s establishment clause.

What they don’t seem to understand is that American values are not those that they are supporting; they are supporting Christian values. 

It really makes no difference if 100% of people in this country were Christians – nothing should be written into the books if it is based only on religious values. 

The laws of the country are meant to serve everyone – that’s why obedience is mandatory.  The laws of the Bible apply only to Christians – we have no state religion.

I am constantly vexed by the number of people in this country who don’t seem to care about – in fact support – religious or faith based laws.  I’ve heard many Christian organizations claim that they are not interested in proselytizing – if that is true they should stop trying to force their intolerance upon the population.

Read the article.




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