Senate Approves Stem Cell Research But it Doesn’t Matter

18 07 2006

WASHINGTON, July 18 — The Senate voted this afternoon to expand federal support of medical research using stem cells, setting up the first veto in President Bush’s five and a half years in office. . .

Tony Snow, the White House spokesman, said today that the president would veto the measure. Mr. Snow said Mr. Bush continued to believe that federal money should not be spent on research conducted on stem cells derived from human embryos, even if they were going to be otherwise discarded.

Proving once again that if Bush had his way, we’d live in a fully realized Christian State.  (Assuming he veto’s – but I think we’re pretty safe in assuming that!)

I think it is a tough thing to be a politician who is also religious.  Most religions, I’m sure, arn’t really OK with half-assed commitment.  There are a plethora of examples where religious beliefs directly contradict political responsibility. 

If you’re a good Christian (or Jew, or Muslim, etc.) it is impossible to be a good politician.  And if you’re a good politician – chances are you’re not such a good Christian.  I find that the current administration has an obsession with legislating morality – something which blurs the distinction between church and state.  Strong religious devotion and objective rationality are, in many instances, mutually exclusive.

It is dangerous to rely on church dogma as evidence behind policy – but this is exactly what is happening again and again.  A state religion doesn’t need to be declared in order for us to live in a theocracy if all of our politicians legislate their religious beliefs.

Linkto NYT Article.




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18 07 2006

I think I would like this blog if I could read it.

18 07 2006

Why can’t you read it?

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