Newsflash: Bush Kills Thousands, Saves Valuable Organic Material

19 07 2006

Ok, perhaps it is a little bit of an unfair stretch to say that he killed thousands but it is true that that monkey of a president of ours today shot down the stem cell research bill passed by congress.  Full Text

Like all Americans, I believe our Nation must vigorously pursue the tremendous possibilities that science offers to cure disease and improve the lives of millions. Yet, as science brings us ever closer to unlocking the secrets of human biology, it also offers temptations to manipulate human life and violate human dignity. Our conscience and history as a Nation demand that we resist this temptation. With the right scientific techniques and the right policies, we can achieve scientific progress while living up to our ethical responsibilities.

Bush talks about science improving lives.  He doesn’t mention the possibility of this research saving lives.  If he did that he’d have to weigh the value of a real live human versus a loose mass of unspecialized cells.  Bush is fond of talking about how unethical it is but he has yet to give a valid explanation of why it is unethical.

Ultimatly this comes down to another battle between science and the church.  Those crazy scientists are always trying to learn stuff and that just isn’t acceptable.  Why?  Because the more you know – the harder it is to have faith.  And without faith, there is no church.




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