Lieberman the Republocrat

25 07 2006

Joseph LiebermanJoseph Lieberman recently enjoyed the support of former president Clinton. Joseph Lieberman supports civil unions but is against same sex marriage. He voted in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act – which if nothing else proves he is a bigot and makes his support of civil unions pretty meaningless. The HRC endorsed him in 2006 which given his mixed voting record is quite the surprise. Sure, he’s no Rick Santorum but that doesn’t mean he’s open minded.

He’s in favor of the death penalty and has even voted in favor of applying it to minors. Together with Hilary Clinton he’s tried to censor main stream media. Video games, he believes, are responsible for teenage violence.

Lieberman also believes that religious hospitals that refuse to give contraceptives to rape victims shouldn’t be required to do so. That’s cute.

So, if this man ever runs for President . . . dear god don’t let him win.




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