Logic, Reason, and Christianity

25 07 2006

If one were to type in the phrase “christian statistics” into Google you would find none other than this very site as the number 4 result.  That phrase is responsible for the most visits to this site each day.  A lot of people have said to me, “Mitchell – why do you hate the Christians?”  So let’s clear some things up right now.

First – I do not, in fact, hate the Christians (well, at least no more than I hate everyone else).  What upsets me is the place that religious beliefs have taken in today’s society.  Religious beliefs are too respected to be put under intellectual scrutiny.  Logic, reason, and intellectualism occupy one place in our society, and they reign over everything else.  They dictate everything from how we make laws to why we put our socks on before we put on our shoes.  But today religious beliefs are on the same level as logic, reason, and intellectualism.

Putting faith on this level means that a person can believe or do anything and have absolutely no accountability.  Accountability is a result of logic, reason, and intellectualism.  Imagine what would happen if people could believe logically irrational things and use those beliefs to say, run a country.  Think of the consequences.  Very large parts of our population might be, say, denied the right to marry.  We might sign a virtual death certificate for thousands of Americans by denying research on stem cells because of an irrational belief that an embryo is a living human being.  Sounds like a pretty screwed up society right?

My point is that people have the right to believe whatever they want to believe.  But when a person starts using those beliefs as the basis for action then it becomes the concern for all of us.  If something you do or believe affects the society your actions and beliefs should be held under the same scrutiny as would those of an atheist.




One response

15 09 2006
you may call me Pastor

Believe it or not Christians do respect your choice to degrade Christianity for God gave you free will. That said, the Ten commandments are unique prior to Moses receiving them on the mountain. No society has the Ten Commandments with their ful and complete meaning. For example Thou shall not commit murder. It sounds strait forward but the Apostle John expounded on this in 1 John 3:15, Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life in him. so you see hatred is murder and no society prior to the time of Moses recognized this as fact. Also you will find the predecessor of all our modern laws within the pages of the Books of Moses ( the first 5 books of the Bible). As to accountablility this is so easy i am embarrassed to mention it because it is simplicity at its finest. Accountablility to God is the greatest standard of accountablility there is. God made us, God gave us life, God gave us free will to make decisions, God is supremely available to all who seek Him and when you truely seek Him He will give you direction. Because He made us we are all accountable to Him. If you check you will find that in every language on the planet both current and dead languages you will find the all means ALL. This includes you and me. Here is the whole point. When you do what God has assigned for you to do and you seek Him in every situation you will never fail. if All society did as God commands there would be no strife or cause for concern but only when we go against God do we suffer. God bless you.

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