The Terrorist Quota

25 07 2006

A local news station here in Denver has an article about air marshals putting innocent people on their “watch list” because they must meet a quota.  An internal memo said that each marshal is expected to turn in at least one report per month.  Another said:

There may come an occasion when you just don’t see anything out of the ordinary for a month at a time, but I’m sure that if you are looking for it, you’ll see something.

Is it just me or is that a really scary thing for a federal agency to say.  They find things because they want to find them, not because they’re there.  When did the liberties of innocent citizens take back seat to near totalitarian rule?  The worst damage the terrorists who flew those planes into the World Trade Center did was to make us afraid of everyone and everything – so afraid that we’d let our civil liberties(what this country should be most proud of) be taken away.




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