Video Game Violence Kills Scores in Minnesota

31 07 2006

A federal judge has thrown out a pending Minnesota law that would fine minors for buying mature rated video games.  I’m sure Hilary Clinton and Joe Lieberman are furious – which amuses me.  Attorney General Mike Hatch did a job showcasing the kind of backward thinking that lead to this law’s conception:

There’s been some pretty good evidence that children who use these excessively violent video games really learn inappropriate behavior and they’re rewarded for inappropriate behavior – how many people do you kill and things like that.

See how he subtly slipped from talking about about the inappropriate behavior of some children to talking about video games rewarding players for inappropriate behavior?  It’s like he was trying to say that in real life, children are rewarded for inappropriate behavior, or that in video games children have to learn inappropriate behavior before they’re rewarded for it. 

I think that blurring the line between inappropriate behavior in the game and inappropriate behavior in real life is something that must be avoided.  And yet that seems to be the only argument the proponents of the bill can make.  Maybe the problem is that they can’t see the difference between fantasy and reality – not that the children can’t.




2 responses

8 08 2006

I find it interesting that all these people like to talk about how video games will lead children to mimic the behaviors they see on the TV. I spent years of my life, thousands of hours, playing Mario Bros and I have never, not once, stomped on a turtle and thrown the shell as a weapon.

Nor have I jumped down sewer pipes in hopes of finding secret gold. Nor have I repeatedly hit my head against a brick overhang hoping for a secret door.

Hmmm… Guess I am just lucky that somehow I avoided those things.

9 08 2006

If you don’t stomp on the turtles how do you avoid shrinking?

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