Jesus Camp –

6 08 2006

David Byrne has posted his musings after a screening of the new documentary: Jesus Camp.

When one sees religion perverted — in the U.S. or in Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan or India, one wonders if the spiritual seeds, planted by visionaries and enlightened prophets like Jesus, Mohammed, Marx and others, are just too volatile for large societies to deal with. One asks if religious visions are better off kept as a personal thing, or at least confined to a small group — otherwise the death and destruction sown by and in the name of religions more or less balances out their moral and personal virtues (which are many.)

The film, which you may have guessed from the title, is about an ultra conservative fundamentalist Christian camp where children go to learn about Christianity get indoctrinated and brainwashed. According to Byrne, the obvious things like abortion and evolution are made out to be teh handy work of the devil, but did you know that global warming is also a lie by the dark one? I guess ‘having dominion’ over the earth justifies destroying it.

There is nothing more sick, more depraved, more unapologetically ignorant than a fundamentalist Christian. And they’re everywhere. Run I say, run for the hills.





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8 08 2006

Do they have an atheist camp? Or a free thought camp?

9 08 2006

They do, it’s called reality.

4 09 2006

I got to your site by “googling” Jesus Camp. I happened to see the trailer on the Apple website. I read the same review by David Byrne (love his music) and disappointed by a common affliction of people on the left, which is moral equivalence.

Here is the passage:

“I kept saying to myself, “O.K., these are the Christian version of the Madrassas (those Islamic religious instructional schools in Pakistan and elsewhere, often financed by Saudi oil money)…so both sides are pretty much equally sick, there’s a balance.” (Although it must be said the Madrassas provide some regular education and literacy where no other option is available, they do community work that is non-religious…and they take in aimless troubled youth.)”

What David Byrne doesn’t mention or doesn’t think is important to mention is that many madrassas advocate death to nonbelievers of Islam, and in fact have trained many students and/or planned actual terrorist attacks. I have been to many Bible studies and many different churches and never once have I heard anyone advocating death to anyone who wasn’t a Christian.

Finally, “nothing more sick, more depraved, more unapologetically ignorant than a fundamentalist Christian”?

I can only assume that that was a rhetorical flourish. Because it is quite easy to come up with many “things” that are more sick, more depraved, and more unapologetically ignorant. I think that if you try really hard, you will be able to come up with many people (some purported Christians of course, some of other faiths, some from the “right”, some from the “left”) who are “more sick….” than fundamentalist Christians. If you would like, I can come up w/ several, however, I don’t want to insult your intelligence by pointing out the obvious.

Sincerely, Matt

4 09 2006

Hello Matt, thanks for reading!

As you pointed out, “nothing more sick, more depraved, more unapologetically ignorant than a fundamentalist Christian” is an obvious exageration. And one can not dispute that there have been no recent crusades against non christians. One can also point out though that there are those christians who are OK with killing – as can be seen in the people who thought that the war in Lebanon was a sign of the coming rapture. (

But what many of these bible camps show me is intollerance, bigotry, and, to re use a phrase, unapologetic ignorance. This obviously does not apply to all christians – I know some fairly rational christians who are just appalled by these things as I am.

Thanks for your comments though, I hope you keep reading!

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