George Bush Claims Constitution Unconstitutional

18 08 2006

The administration has vowed to win the appeal to the recent ruling that said that the warrant-less surveillance program was unconstitutional:

“It is an appallingly bad opinion, bad from both a philosophical and technical perspective, manifesting strong bias,” said David B. Rivkin, an official in the administrations of President Ronald Reagan and the first President Bush. “It is guaranteed to be overturned.”

Rivkin has a point. Philosophically it’s bad because the decision upheld freedom, which as we all know, is a flawed concept to begin with. Technically its bad because the decision upholds that old ratty constitution instead of the new presidential memos printed on fancy paper. The decision is also biased – I mean – a court that would dare weigh so heavily on the side of truth, right, and legality is disgraceful. Every decision should contain an equal amount of bull, mistakes, and omissions for it to be unbiased.

Link to NYT




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