Adam & Eve Ate Escargot

30 08 2006

Here’s a link to a sample chapter from Zoo Guide: A Bible-Based Handbook to the Zoo.

It truly is terrific reading.  But it makes one think.  My new rule? 

You can’t accept any science if you don’t accept all science.

Evolution is a theory which has come about out of scientific research – the scientific method so to speak.  If you don’t accept the results of so many reputable scientists (the near unanimous support of evolution as a working theory) you obviously have a problem with the scientific method, and therefore you shouldn’t accept anything derived from it. 

Creationists call evolution bad science.  Here’s a little quote from the above mentioned book:

To gain a better understanding that there was no “living creature death” before the Fall of Adam, we must interpret the Bible correctly and read what God has written. God’s Word plainly teaches that death is the result of sin. Therefore, there was no human or animal (nephesh chayyâh) death before sin. Adam, Eve, and all the animals ate plants and probably lower invertebrates before the Fall.

Yeah.  That’s good science.  It also shows that God HATES invertebrates.  I always thought a slug’s antennas looked a lot like horns.  And if any creationist out there needs proof that we descended from monkeys, just look at George W. Bush.




One response

31 08 2006

LOL. Proof of us descending from monkeys is really good!

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