%60 of Americans Complete F*ing Morons

4 09 2006

An ABC News poll done in 2004 of 1011 adults reveals that %60 of them believe the story of Noah’s Arc as being ‘literally true’.  %60.  Now, if we consider that that is a random sample of the American population we can say that %60 of Americans take the story to be literally true.  (I know that really it is not representative – but nonetheless, stick with me here) %60 of Americans believe that god told an old man to build a boat and put two of every animal on earth on the boat.  DEAR GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE ANYONE THINKS THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE ANYTHING BUT A STORY.  I can understand it as a story . . . as something to teach a lesson.  But literally – come on, even I’m not that stupid.

It’s things like this that make me cry people.  They make me cry.  I want to be proud of the USA . . . I really do.  But when you get statistics like that it makes it damn near impossible.

I know this post seems a bit harsh.  I’m not mad at the people.  They’ve been brain-washed.  I’m mad at the society that lets this ignorance continue.  Any other type of ignorance and we shun it.  We tell people to go to school.  But if it is religion . . . then we are taught to respect it.  It’s time we treat ignorance like ignorance.




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