Think it . . . and They Will be Jailed.

7 09 2006

Fake Weapons, Real Jail Time

In 2005, Ronald Grecula, a would-be inventor, hatched a harebrained plan to build a fusion bomb that violated the laws of physics. He was arrested in Texas after he pitched the idea to undercover FBI agents. The bomb, Grecula said, used light to activate a hydrogen-chlorine solution, which somehow produced fusion. Hmmm.

This guy is currently in jail.  This might be akin to 1984’s ‘Thought Police’.  This guy wanted to blow stuff up.  As I recall, that is not illegal.  There are lots of things that I want to do – but don’t, because of they fact that they’re illegal to do.  That is why laws exist.

If I put a pot of water in the lobby of the Sears Tower, hoping that it will explode and destroy the tower, am I breaking the law?  Is intention the act itself?  I think not.




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