It’s Always Opposite Day for the Neo-Cons!

21 09 2006

I find I have increasingly less energy to post about political topics.  The same things keep happening over and over.  Misc. Neo-Con does or says something stupid, and I ridicule them.  Don’t get me wrong, I love ridiculing those that deserve it – I just wish something would change.

The fact is, no matter what he does – Bush will be in office until the next election.  I think he’s done more than enough illegal, unethical, and just plain stupid things to warrant being exiled to a deserted island somewhere cold. 

As issues come up, it is easy to know what Bush or the neo-cons will have to say about them.  Just think what is the smart and ehtical thing to do, and then think of the exact opposite.

Obviously the administration would seek to exempt ‘terrorists’ from the rights provided them in the Geneva Convention – because the smart and ethical thing to do would be to treat them with dignity and how we expect people to treat us.

See?  It’s easy!  Let’s try another.  Stem cell research – it shows great promise with many different diseases, affecting millions of people around the world.  Bush says:  let’s ban it!

Anyway my point is that recently the neo cons have demonstrated a severe lack of knowledge about what is exactly going on on the other side of the world.  Coulter said things in Afghanistan were going “swimmingly” and for the president –

By most reliable accounts, three and a half years into the U.S. occupation, Iraq is in chaos — if not in a state of civil war, then awfully close. But President Bush insists it’s not so.

If you ask any Iraqi family or any US soldier (who’s spent time outside of the green zone) I bet they have a different view than Bushy.

Oh well. . . it’s what I expect.

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