Cracking Down on Sinus Relief!

26 09 2006

It’s 1:37 and I should be at work.  Instead my head is pounding, my nose is running, and I’m standing in an aisle of the supermarket vainly trying to find the Advil.  Fast-forward to 15 minutes later.  I’m walking out of the supermarket, Advil in hand, and I think to myself “Sweet Jesus – it just took me 15 minutes to buy Advil.”

Colorado is cracking down on drugs that could potentially be used to make methamphetamine.  Apparently my favorite brand of cold medicine is one of those.  The saga grew to epic proportions when I wrote my name and address on the form on the clipboard and the guy say that I wrote a Colorado address and that I had an Oregon ID.  After a whispered conversation with his suprivisor he took my ID and the clipboard back to a computer and spent five minutes typing.

When he came back I was expecting him to want me to pee in a cup or something – but instead he just had me pay. 

Now I see that when all is said and done this wasn’t that big of a deal.  But I say: “DEAR GOD I JUST WANT TO BUY ADVIL!”  As far as thwarting drug makers go, I think this is stupid.  They’ll find a way.  A counter is not going to stop them. 

If nothing else I’m thinking about selling my left over Advil on the street – $5 in the store – 50 bones on the street!




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