Throwing Away the Key

28 09 2006

Today the Senate shot down a proposed amendment to the Detainee Bill that would have allowed detainee’s to be treated like humans.

“What this bill would do is take our civilization back 900 years,” to before the adoption of the writ of habeas corpus in medieval England, Senator Specter said.

Mr. Leahy said the bill as written would allow the executive branch to hold any lawful immigrant in the United States indefinitely without charge. “We are about to put the darkest blot on the conscience of the nation,” he said, charging that the push for quick passage was purely for political gain.

You know something is serious when I agree with Arlen Specter.  I honestly can’t believe that the US House or Senate would pass a bill that would give the Executive branch the power to ignore basic civil liberties and international conventions.

Link to NYT article.




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