American Airlines and the Mile High Club

29 09 2006

The New Yorker has a piece about American Airlines’ anti kissing policy. 

Apperently a gay couple were told not to kiss or touch during the flight or the plane would be diverted.

One AA spokesman said that they would have been told that had they have been gay or straight, while another said that straight couples were not told they could not kiss.  The AA spokesman said that they have a responsability to make their customers comfortable.  That’s bull.  They have a responsability to get their customers from point A to point




2 responses

29 09 2006

I just can’t believe that anyone would say anything to any couple about any reasonable display of affection.

Though if we are going to have undercover PDA marshalls flying on planes now, I hope they only bust up unattractive couples.

12 10 2007

Wow, I find this very odd considering I was on a flight to Dallas two years ago and the fas all took off to the front of the plane closing the curtain behind them. Hmm. What were they doing with the pilots? Well, every passenger looked around the plane and then at each other–we all knew what was going on-a little sky action. They did not reemerge until it was time to land and no one told them to stop what they were doing. AA sucks.

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