The Politics of Dehumanization

29 09 2006

The NYT had an interesting articleabout the political ramifications of the senate’s passing of the detainee bill that would allow the government to hold enemy combatants without charge indefinitely, use questionable interrogation methods, and keep evidence from them.

While the article is interesting as we go into the election season – what we need to see is the actual result this bill will have on human lives.

“I think most Americans would agree that if somebody is held they should at least be able to respond to the charges,” said Senator Barack Obama, Democrat of Illinois. “The fact we don’t have that is something that, over time, Americans are going to be embarrassed about.”

While Sen. Obama has the right sentiment, I for one hope that in the future, when we’re lucky enough to look back at this with hindsight, we are not embarrassed – we should be ashamed and disgraced.  This bill does not just represent another political defeat for the democrats, it represents the current administrations complete disregard for basic human rights.

Supposed ‘protection from terrorism’ is important.  But what is it really worth?  Our dignity?  Our morality? 

I should hope not.




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