Fox News: The Media is too Biased

2 11 2006

In a stunning bout of hypocrisy, idiocy, and bad data analysis, Fox news has concluded that:

On the “Big Three” network newscasts, the audit showed a clear jihad against the Republican Party. Only 12 percent of election stories that aired on NBC, ABC, or CBS could be regarded as remotely “favorable” to Republicans.

Unfortunately The Center for Media and Public Relations, which conducted the study, is still in the process of moving their study results onto their new website, so I will admit that I have not personally read it.  But even in Fox’s own words it sounds sketchy – “remotely ‘favorable’ to republicans”?  I thought fox was complaining that the networks were too liberal – based on the above quote it looks like the networks are too non-republican for their likes, which could include both liberal and neutral. 

What fox also may not understand is that it isn’t that the news reports are too liberal – it’s just that republicans keep fucking shit up!  Makes the democrats look great in comparison.

I’m not sure if I should thank Kate for this bit of info – for while I appreciate it, I don’t know if she wants to be outed as a reader of Fox News.




One response

3 11 2006

Happy to be outed. Got lead to Fox via Fark. Then I got to poking around. Interesting stuff all around.

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