Ted Haggard and His Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

3 11 2006

Sometimes being an extreme left wing atheist (aka: right) is just too easy.  Today my friends, is one of those days.  Following the downfall of Ted Haggard, aka “Art”, here’s a round up of some of his most shining moments as the leader of over 30 Million bigots.

Richard Dawkins lets Ted Haggard talk at him, from the series “The Root of all Evil”

Ted Haggard’s wikipedia page– keep checking back for updates about the latest scandal.

Ted Haggard’s personal webpage.

New Life Church webpage.

PDF of the New Life Church Press Release about Haggard putting himself on administrative leave.

OneGoodMove’s piece.

The Denver Post – Haggard Admits Some Indiscretions.

The New York Times article.

More news as it happens.  Stay tuned.  Also analysis – once I can stop laughing long enough.

 Update:  NYT article – He admits to buying drugs from his accuser.




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