Questions Remain about Haggard’s Massage

5 11 2006

One of the things about living in the gay epicenter of the worlds it that there are a lot of homosexuals around.  Today at the local coffee shop who should I happen to see but Mike Jones, the gentleman who came forward about his affair with Evangelical nut-job and all around condescending prick, Ted Haggard.

While I wanted to get his autograph and maybe an exclusive interview for this blog, I thought better of it because the guy wanted coffee, not to be pestered by some left wing nobody with a blog (goodness knows there aren’t enough of us around).   But this chance sighting inspired me to write up a semi-analytical post about this whole Haggard thing.

While I am somewhat disamayed that this scandal involves Haggard instead of Dobson (the founder of Focus on the Family) I was still overjoyed that it happened at all.  I’ve heard people say they feel sorry for Haggard and his family – but you know what?  This is a man that spends his days preaching hatred and bigotry – this scandal is the least of what he deserves.  Of the actually validity of the scandal, I do have some questions however.

1.  Haggard said that a hotel referred him to this man for a massage.  I find it hard to believe that any hotel would refer you to a self described prostitute/drug dealer for a massage unless when asking for a referral there was a lot of winking and sexual innuendos.

2.  Haggard says he bought meth from Mr. Jones.  Ah yes, the number of times I’ve been getting a message and out of the blue the masseur says, “Hey, you want to buy some meth from me?”  No self respecting drug dealer takes those kind of risks with complete strangers.

3.  Haggard says he did not use the meth, that he threw it away shortly after because he knew it was wrong.  When was the last time you bought meth and then threw it away before you used it.  Dear god, no one does that.

4.  Haggard says that he did not have sexual relations with that man.  I find that hard to believe given the meth and message.

In any case there are still a lot of things about this story that do not make sense.  But I am not sure if the details even matter.  The damage to the Evangelicals has been done – and I, for one, am thankful for that.




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