Israel’s Pride Parade and the People Who Hate It

9 11 2006

A conservative Rabi in Jersuleam has offered $500 to anyone who kills a homosexual during that city’s upcoming Gay Pride Parade.  Apperently this is one of the few issues that the christians, jews, and muslims can come together on.  They may hate eachother, but god damn it, they hate gays more.

Israeli laws are the most tolerant in the Middle East toward gays, and ultra-Orthodox Jews see that as a symptom of a Jewish state rejecting its religious responsibilities. For some, the battle to stop the Gay Pride march has already begun. In the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shea’rim, police clashed over three consecutive nights this week with curly-forelocked youths who burned tires and hurled eggs and tomatoes. One officer said he was stunned “by the level of hatred” he saw in these clashes against Israel’s small but vocal gay and lesbian community. Israel’s Supreme Court has approved the parade, but the city’s police could still call it off for the sake of public safety.

But don’t rush off and jump on the first plane to Isreal –

“We’re not having floats or naked men flashing their asses,” she says. “We just want to tell people: ‘Hey, we’re here. We have a right to exist.'”

Says someone involved with the parade.

No men flashing their asses?  Then count me out . . .





One response

13 11 2006

Good to know that they make fundamentalist assholes in Islam, Chritianity, AND Judaism. How come you never hear about asshole Buddhists?

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