Children Use The Google!

16 11 2006

Reading about ACLU v. Gonzales, got me thinking about protecting our children from the internets.  This case is about COPA – the Child Online Protection Act which prosecutes those that put material on the internet that the government considers harmful to children. 

Just as the government should have no say in how I raise my children (provided it is within the law) they should have no authority to censor things from them.  Unless the government is willing to take over all the responsibilities of raising my children – they should stay out of it completely.

If some adults don’t think that their children should see certain materials they should start doing their job as parents and either not allowing them access to them or teaching them why they are inappropriate. 

It is not the government’s job to be the parents for our children.  The idea that the tubes we know as the internets were created for the free exchange of information is a noble one.  But it is not without its responsibilities.  It is for the exchange of information, any information.  We need to be mature enough as a society to deal with this – for as we’ve seen time and time again censorship usually does more harm than good.

Now the government wants to censor information from our children, how much longer until like China, they deem some sites inappropriate for people of any age? 

If I’m okay with my children watching movies of men doing naughty things with horses, so be it.  It’s my constitutional right.  I am perfectly capable of deciding on what is or is not appropriate for me and mine – and, quite frankly, don’t appreciate the government trying to decide for me.




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