The Future of Evolution

4 12 2006

The Onion reports that Kansas has banned the practice of evolution.  While the article is a hoot to read, it actually does bring up a good point about the war on evolution that sometimes gets ignored.

The sweeping new law prohibits all living beings within state borders from being born with random genetic mutations that could make them better suited to evade predators, secure a mate, or, adapt to a changing environment. In addition, it bars any sexual reproduction, battles for survival, or instances of pure happenstance that might lead, after several generations, to a more well-adapted species or subspecies.

It is important to note that evolution isn’t just something that happened in the past.  Too often our search for ‘missing links’ obscures the fact that evolution is happening right now, and will continue to happen.  Surely we are designed perfectly by god, and therefore our present state is the result of that design.  Then why are we changing?




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