Idomeneo is Go

18 12 2006

An opera house in Germany has decided to go ahead and open their production of Mozart’s Idomeneo today after it had previously been canceled due to fear that it would upset the Muslim community.  Previous story here.

The opera, which features the severed head of Mohamed, was canceled after the company saw what happened after the Danish cartoons depicting Mohamed were seen by the public.  Fearing violence, they canceled their planned production.  A large debate then happened about self-censorship.  Today the opera will open, with heightened security.

Police said they were trying to keep the security as unobtrusive as possible, though it was hard to miss the metal detectors and the X-ray bag check.

From this story.  Ah yes – metal detectors at the opera.  What has this world come to?  Still . . . better metal detectors than no opera.




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