Bush has Plans for Iraq – Almost 5 Years After Invading

10 01 2007

Here’s the NY Times’ detail of Bush’s Plan for Iraq:

Details of President Bush’s new strategy for Iraq, as outlined by White House officials on Wednesday:



— Bush will commit 17,500 additional U.S. combat troops, the equivalent of five combat brigades, to Baghdad. The first brigade is to arrive Jan. 15; the next on Feb. 15; the remainder in separate waves every 30 days.

— Bush will commit 4,000 more Marines, in two waves, to Anbar, a province that is a base of the mostly Sunni insurgency and foreign al-Qaida fighters.

— The president’s upcoming supplemental budget request will include $5.6 billion to pay for his new commitment of troops.

— Expand embedding of U.S. advisers into Iraqi security forces.



–$414 million to expand the Provincial Reconstruction Teams and set up new Provincial Support Teams to help with rebuilding.

–$400 million in quick-response funds to address civilian problems.

–$350 million more for the Commander’s Emergency Response Program, set up in 2003 to give field commanders money to solve local problems that quickly the improve daily the lives of Iraqis.



–Allocate $10 billion to assist in reconstruction efforts.

–Deliver three brigades for Baghdad; the first on Feb. 1; then two more on Feb. 15.

–Crack down on insurgents and give U.S. and Iraqi troops the authority to pursue all extremists, regardless of sect of religion.

–Reform cabinet to provide equal government services to all regions and sects.



–He will not propose direct talks with Iran and Syria, and will insist that they become constructive, not meddling influences in Iraq and the region.



–Finalize an oil law that will share the profits of Iraq’s resources among various ethnic sects and regions in a way that unites the country.

–Ease the policy of ”de-Baathification,” which purged ex-members of Saddam Hussein’sSunni-led Baathist rule from the top layers of government institutions.

–Hold provincial elections to bring Sunnis back into the political process at local level

–Increase the transfer of security to Iraqi security forces by the end of the year.

 Thank God we have George W. Bush as president.  Now we have a plan – four and a half years after invading Iraq mind you, but we have a plan.  And thank god our new plan includes such brilliant strategies as, “Crack down on insurgents”.  Wow.  If only we had thought of that earlier.

Bush needs to be careful about persuing ‘religious extremists’ however, since I think that there are perhaps more than a few people who would call him a religious extremist.




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