Bill O’Reilly Thinks it’s Unfair

29 01 2007

This weekend I listened to Terry Gross’ interview of Bill O’Reilly.  During the interview, Bill gets upset, cries about how it isn’t fair, and leaves.  I don’t know if he is unwilling or unable to defend his positions – but ranting about how it isn’t fair – about the different treatment that other guests get – only proves his relatively low maturity level and does nothing to make me want to listen to his opinions.

I’ve noticed that this is a common fault of Mr. O’Reilly’s.  He gets offended whenever his position is challenged and responds with an aggressive rant.  For an example, just watch his show (if you can stomach it).  His reasoning is hardly that – instead of reason he relies primarily on the fallacies of appealing to emotion and to authority.

For those masochists among you, here is a link to his website.




2 responses

29 01 2007

It’s not hard to see O’Reilly being unreasonable with his appetite for rigorously & irrationally defending himself. He’s in the ‘Infotainment’ business, just as Terry Gross is, just as Keith Olbermann is. The difference is, of course, that while I can barely stomach O’Reilly, I really rather enjoy Keith’s rants and Terry’s paper-like voice.

Many people, on all sides of this divided country, refuse to accept differences of opinion. That said, O’Reilly’s still a big old ass that I want to poke in the eye with a wooden dowel.

30 01 2007

I would add that it isn’t a matter of being in the ‘infotainment’ business, the primary difference is that O’Reilly has a very warped sense of logic.

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