Exposing the Ignorance of the Bigoted

5 03 2007

Here‘s a gem of a website that was emailed to me. It is offensive.  It contains such in depth analyses of Saudi Arabians as:

The King of Saudi Arabia was talking to President Bush, and he said, “Can I ask you something personal?”
“Sure, go ahead,” Bush said.
The King whispered confidentially, “One of my many sons watches your television show Star Trek. He sees women, Blacks, Russians, and Scots, but no Islamofascists. Why are there no Islamofascists in Star Trek?”
Bush whispered back, “Because it’s set in the future.”

Maybe it is a generational thing or an educational thing, but I’ve never understood bigotry.  Maybe I’m just not cocky enough to think that I’m better than anyone else.

There’s actually not much ignorance here for me to expose.  It’s not like it is hidden, or in between the lines – it’s blatantly obvious, so all I need to do is link to the site, so you can see for yourself.




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