Many, Many Flags.

13 03 2007

Some students at Reed College in Portland, OR thought that they might put a white flag in the lawn for every 6 Iraqis killed in the war and a red flag for every one US serviceman.  So they did.  It is hard to tell from the photographs, but being familiar with the campus I can say that these flags surround the main building in the pictures (Elliott Hall) on all sides.  Skim through the photos here – it kinda puts things in perspective.




2 responses

13 03 2007

To envision 6 times the white flags would be unbelievable, mainly because the Media never, or perhaps, very seldom, reports those numbers. Then, to think of 72 virgins for each of the white flags makes me wonder if the Heavens will crash down upon us from the sheer weight of all those virgins.

13 03 2007

not virgins. raisens

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