RIP: Child Online Protection Act

22 03 2007

Passed in 1998, the Child Online Protection Act required providers of ‘adult’ content on the Internet to require proof of age before allowing access to any user.  It was struck down today by a federal judge in Philadelphia. 

 Putting the burden of proof of age on the shoulders of the websites is a ridiculous insult to free speech.  Overturning the law means that the burden falls back onto the shoulders of the parents (I know, shocking concept right?). 

Any attempt to censor free speech is a violation of the Constitution, regardless of whether or not it is shrouded in the guise of protecting our children. 

NYT article.




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23 03 2007

You might be interested to know that your site is listed in
Ran across it while hunting for links.

13 09 2008
Seasick Seagull

Who made those blasted judges our rulers? Its time for them to be kicked off the bench their a shame to the robes they wear and gavels they hold

20 11 2017
Business presenting

RIP: Child Online Protection Act | Fear of Ignorance

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