If 33 people die in Virginia and there are no news cameras does it still matter?

17 04 2007

As everyone who isn’t living under a rock in backwoods Arkansas knows, there was a shooting at Virginia Tech that left 33 people dead.  And the world came to a standstill.  Instead of the latest world news, we get to hear interviews with alumni of the school, trying to make that one professor they had seem special, even if there was nothing particularly remarkable about them in their memory.  We get told over and over again what a tragedy it is and how brave the ‘survivors’ are.

If there is one thing this country loves more than oil, it’s grief.  We don’t just want to know how many people were killed and why, we want to know what every last one of the victims had wanted for their futures, what their favorite type of dog was, and of course, their signs.  All so we can stand around our water coolers for the next four months and talk about how tragic it all is.

The U.N. reports that 34,000 Iraqi CIVILIANS were killed in Iraq in 2006 (just over 93/day).  Not to mention inocent civilians in wars all around the world.  Let alone those innocent civilians who die of things we can prevent, like starvation.

The death of 33 people is indeed sad.  But it doesn’t fucking matter.  It matters to the people close to those who have died, to those affected by the event – but when I go to work tomorrow I don’t want to hear how sad you think it is.  This event doesn’t say anything about the state of the Nation’s college students – it doesn’t mean that we need metal detector at all school entrances, and it certainly doesn’t mean that South Koreans are evil.

While all of the news channels are bringing us the up-to-the-minute reports on what color teddy bear was loved by one of the victims, I’ll go online and try to find about the 35,000 children that die EVERY DAY of starvation, and find out why we let that happen.

The News should be the facts, the necessaries.   Who, what, where, when, why, how.  Beyond that is exploitation plain and simple.  Beyond that is fox news.  Dear god, I just want to hear the news. . .




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22 04 2007

Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

22 04 2007

i found this through a google search and i must say, i agree with so much of what you say. i’ve said many a time, i find it remarkably funny that 33 people killed at VT are human. we need to know all of the small details about their innocent lives which were lost and it was a big tragedy that we lost the lives of 32 humans, but when its a figure such as 34,000 its just a statistic. we dont feel any remorse, empathy, sadness, anything. its just a figure. we dont know the names of even the victims let alone their local church ministers name!

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