The Wrong Side of the Law

5 05 2007

Some Denver Police officers claim that they are required to write at least 16 tickets per 8 hour shift.  Here‘s the story.  I thought police were supposed to serve and protect, not write as many tickets as possible.  At some point you start to wonder who they work for – which should be the tax payer.

For about two dozen motorcycle officers, the order is to write 16 tickets for an eight hour shift. Fall short, and they will have to explain their slacking to superior officers.

Honestly as a tax payer I’m more interested in police fostering an idea of non violence in my fellow countrymen than making sure that kid going 5mph over the speed limit gets a ticket.  There are some things more important than failing to signal.




One response

14 05 2007

This is pretty typical of most jobs these days. We are under pressure to preform in ways that can be measured quantitatively. This is true anywhere. When I was working as a children’s librarian I had to count the number of kids who listened to each of my story times. If my count was low, my times got cut. It is a symptom of a larger problem in society, not just the cops.

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