Jon Stewart VS Traditional News Media

20 06 2007

Here‘s an interesting opinion piece.

Stewart reported on his program how Tony Snow made a boldfaced lie in a press conference in saying the firings of several U.S. attorneys had nothing to do with politics. In a split screen, one box had Snow in a March 15 press conference saying, “It’s pretty clear that these things are based on performance and not on some sort of attempt to do political retribution.”

They played the tape from last Wednesday’s briefing. A reporter asked if the firings were based on performance, not politics, as he had said. His response: “No…we have never said that.”

What’s more troubling than blatant mistruths coming from the White House is learning of them from a comedy show – because, besides Stewart, only a Washington Post columnist and a few others outside the mainstream media reported this.

I find Jon Stewart to be an excellent news source – and am constantly let down by our standard News men and women who fail to ask the tough questions, or even do the most basic homework before an interview.




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