Screw parliament, Prison Break is on!

27 07 2007

From the LA Times:

BAGHDAD — Missing from Thursday’s session of the Iraqi parliament were about half of the members, including the speaker, the former speaker and two former prime ministers.

Also missing: a sense of urgency.

American officials have been pressing Iraqi leaders to prove their commitment to ending sectarian strife by enacting landmark legislation before mid-September, when the Bush administration is to present its next report on Iraq to Congress.

But even as parliament’s month-long August break approaches, key issues aren’t being discussed. Quorums are marginal, or fleeting.

No fucking wonder there are so many problems in Iraq – even the representatives of the people don’t care.




2 responses

27 07 2007

They’re all just waiting for us to leave so they can go back to being the totally fucked up region they want to be.

27 07 2007

I wouldn’t say that they want to be fucked up, but they definitely don’t want to give up the incompatible beliefs that make them fucked up. And plus, reforming the country now is a difficult task, maybe it is just too big for some to take on. However, if that is the case, they should get some new people.

That parliament should be in session every day, with no vacations – you know, people are depending on them. People die everyday due partly to their inaction.

Thanks for reading Stephen, I enjoy your comments.


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