The Visible Vote or Watch ’em Dance

10 08 2007

I’ve just watched the segments of the Human Rights Campaign’s forum (that aired last night on the LOGO network) concerning Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton.  And all I have to say is:


obama clinton

Overall I was happier with Barack’s answers but they both squirmed and stumbled and ultimately avoided answering the question of why they support civil unions and not marriages.  Oh man, they danced around that question.  Boy did they dance.

The best part was when one of the panelists asked Obama to respond to the feeling that civil unions are the equivalent of ‘seperate but equal’.  I wonder if they don’t support marriage because they don’t want to loose the votes, or if they actually have a problem with it.

Here are the clips if you care to watch them.  Unfortunately I’ve yet to find clips of the other candidates, if you find them please let me know. 




One response

10 08 2007

I don’t know about the rest of the gay community, but I have certainly come to terms with the fact that no candidate for president is gonna be a champion for gay rights until the Christians leave us the fuck alone.

This is and always has been a Judeo-Christian nation, something that is simultaneously good (generally a strong moral compass) and bad (regressive policies based on centuries-old propaganda). So long as Sunday Church-goers comprise such a large percentage of voters (primarily Republican, but note that once-a-weekers voted 42% for Gore in 2000), and these are the people who believe that homosexuality is an abomination, I’m not gonna have a champion.

Sure, we’ll have the Barney Franks in Congress, but I’m not in Massachusetts, and he’s only one champion among hundreds of people who hate me.

The real farce here is that these candidates even showed up to this forum. They all knew, going in, that they weren’t going to say a damn thing. And LOGO knew that just as well. It was a ratings booster, in poor taste.

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