The Inconceivable Ignorance of Right to Life

21 08 2007

This article, from the Denver Post, was submitted:

Leslie Hanks, vice president of Colorado Right to Life, said her organization will continue its opposition to Planned Parenthood and likely would fight efforts to build a clinic.

“Let’s face it, they’re in the business to kill babies for profit,” she said. “First and foremost, they get young girls hooked on their birth control pills, which don’t work,” Hanks said.

This is one of those times when I find that I’m so overwhelmed by someones stupidity that I actually couldn’t function for a minute while my mind tried to process it.

 First of all, you’d at least think that the Vice President of the Colorado Right to Life organization would know her enemy.  Evidently not.  Planned Parenthood is a not-for-profit organization, therefore killing babies for profit is not really their bag.  Secondly, I’m not aware of any studies which show that birth control pills are addictive, or that any of the available pills have an effective rate any less than somewhere in the high %90’s.  So, they do actually tend to work.

Putting aside the fact that the Right to Life organization is both ridiculous and immoral, I would have hoped that they could at least come up with arguments that were based in reality.

planned parenthood  Thanks to Kate for the submission!




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