Conservatives are Morans

22 08 2007

romney sign

These pictures have caused some serious buzz around the internet recently, especially when at a town-hall meeting someone asked Romney how he could dare compare any American to Osama Bin Laden.  Granted, that’s a stupid question, because there are lots of Americans I could validly compare to bin Ladan, but that’s not why I’m writing. 

What really offends me about this whole thing is conservatives and their stupidity.

MOMA?  MOMA??!!  Museum of Modern Art?

Dear god, it is spelled – M-A-M-A.  Mama, got it?

Which is especially odd because if you’re trying to rhyme obAMA, with osAMA, why on earth would you use mOMA?!?  Evidently she can’t spell or rhyme.

It reminds me of this photo, which I blogged about a long time ago.




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