Ted Haggard Needs Your Help!

28 08 2007

What does that man have to do with Ted Haggard you might ask?  Well, it goes like this.  Ted Haggard (proud owner of a .75 million dollar house in Colorado Springs) is going to get his masters in Arizona.  He wants needs YOU to pay for his education and living expenses.  And for your conveinience you can just mail him a check directly, or if you need a tax write off, you can mail a check to a defunct charity that will take 10% of it, mail him the rest, and oh yeah, it’s run by a registered sex offender. 

Read all the creepy details here.

So the man who heads up the defunct charity Families With a Mission—the charity that’s going to take a 10% cut from all “tax deductible” donations to the Haggard family—would appear to be a registered sex offender. Well, in Hawaii at any rate. Paul Huberty has not, according to publicly available records, registered as a sex offender in Colorado, something he is required to do by state law.

What’s that?  What do you have to say about that Ted?  Yes, it does sound like you’re a horrible human being.




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