Federal Judge Strikes Down Patriot Act

7 09 2007

Parts of it anyway.  From the Huffington Post:

A federal judge struck down a key part of the USA Patriot Act on Thursday in a ruling that defended the need for judicial oversight of laws and bashed Congress for passing a law that makes possible “far-reaching invasions of liberty.” . . .

The ACLU had challenged the law on behalf of an Internet service provider, complaining that the law allowed the FBI to demand records without the kind of court supervision required for other government searches. Under the law, investigators can issue so-called national security letters to entities like Internet service providers and phone companies and demand customers’ phone and Internet records.

Finally.  The Patriot Act has been, and always will be, a bad idea.  The Chinese government reserves the same rights as this portion of the bill allowed the US government . . . and lets just say they’re not the ones to be copying governance from.

And this from The Onion:




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Federal Judge Strikes Down Patriot Act | Fear of Ignorance

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