Bourne Co. to Sue over Family Guy’s Jew

4 10 2007

The copyright owners of “When You Wish Upon A Star” are sueing the makers of the TV show “Family Guy”.  The case goes beyond simple copyright infringment and allges that it “harmed the value and reputation of `When You Wish Upon a Star’ by associating the famous song with a vile and outrageous anti-Semitic message”

Peter Griffin:
Nothing else has worked so far
So I’ll wish upon a star
Wonderous shining speck of light
I need a Jew

Lois makes me take the rap
Cause our checkbook looks like crap
Since I can’t give her a slap
I need a Jew

Where to find
A Baum or Steen or Stein
To teach me how to whine and do
my taaaaaxesss…

Though by many they’re abhored
Hebrew people I’ve adored
Even though they killed my Lord
I need a Jew

Hi, my name’s Max Weinstein,
my car just broke down,
can I use you phone?

Now my troubles are all through
I have a Jew!


Part of me thinks that they are overreacting – but then the part of me that has been boycotting ‘when you wish upon a star’ and all other Jiminy Cricket related songs, says that they make a lot of sense in bringing this case.

I hope the judge in this case makes them prove damages – because I sincerely doubt that there have been any.

family guy jew




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