Religious Origins of the United States

9 10 2007

From Tina Dupuy:

It’s a fabrication that an exclusively religious — peaceful and ultimately blissful era ever existed. It can’t happen ‘again’, because it never happened in the first place. The Puritans came to this land to practice THEIR religion without being persecuted and (at least in the Boston colony) quickly persecuted those who didn’t practice their religion. Quakers were hanged and tortured for blasphemy. Native Americans were killed for being heathens. And sassers, gossipers and adulterers got their ears cropped or their noses split.

Looking back to colonial days for religious precedent is like looking back at the Black Plague for health care reform.

It’s true.  More people are religious today in this country (per capita) than when this country was founded.  This is due primarily to the recent rise of evangelicalism.  There used to be a time that no person who wore their religion on their sleeve could get elected president.  Now, it’s the opposite.  Now it is the reasonable people who have to fight to get their voice heard.




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9 10 2007
PB and J

Great post about the foundation of the US. It is a common misconception (regardless of historical fact) that the “good ole days” were better. But in fact, each generation has its own problems. There is no such thing as good ole days. The days are either good or bad for the people who choose to do good or bad.


10 10 2007

Great post. You should look up Article 11 of the “Treaty of Peace and Friendship with the North African state of Tripoli” (approved by Senate in 1797) for more on this issue.

11 09 2008

If religion is going to be taught in school they should teach about all religions. The fact is you most likely believe in what your parents believe. A real American has a choice to believe in god. Whether that person believes in god or not dose not make him American. This country was founded on free religion. Perhaps you should read a little on the founding fathers and there choice words about religion. Believe what ever you want but when you think your better than someone else that makes you an evil person. Religion is a horrible thing in the fact that it splits people and and causes more hate. You must love everyone and realize you know nothing of that person. You don’t know what they have gone threw to come to there beliefs.
On the statement more people are religious these days. Im a student and people i see going and learning about the world are turning away from religion. Man kind needs to come together and form one people with out all this hatred. Who gives a shit what you believe in. You should still love the person next to you regardless.

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