The Place of Transgender in LGBT

11 10 2007

Susan Stryker of writes:

Transgender people have become this political season’s version of the unisex-toilet issue that helped scuttle passage of the Equal Rights Amendment back in the 1970s, of Willie Horton’s role in bringing the first Bush presidency to the White House in the 1980s, and of the “Don’t bend over to pick up the soap in the barracks shower room” argument against gays in the military in the 1990s — a false issue that panders to the basest and most ignorant of fears.

In this article, Stryker is responding to, “Pity poor John Aravosis, the gay rights crusader from AmericaBlog whose “How Did the T Get in LGBT?” essay, in reference to the controversy over gender identity protections in the pending Employment Non-Discrimination Act, was published on Salon a few days ago.”

 Aravosis claims that we would be closer to having significant gay rights if it were not for trans-gender people.

Dear god.  Other than needing to go back to school to study sexual identity and gender, Aravosis needs to recognize his tremendous hypocrisy.  As a member of a group that has been unfairly discriminated against, you’d think he would be careful not to harbor unwarranted prejudices himself.

Stryker does a good job of addressing the issues at play here, and her article is definitly worth a read.




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