Creation Museum is Killing our Country

12 10 2007

creationism museumThis picture was taken inside the Creation Museum.  I shit you not.

Honestly, how do we tolerate this kind of ignorance?  How do we tolerate people who are not only ignorant, but damn proud of it?

There are bigger problems in this country than illegal immigrants and campaign finance reform.




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12 10 2007

Wow, who knew early man had managed to domesticate dinosaurs? The museum is a couple of hours south of us – probably should go check it out but I’m afraid I might start throwing things. Everyone has a right to believe whatever they want, but when they make a museum out of it and pass it off as “fact” we’re in big trouble.

12 10 2007

its just a part of the entertainment for the children , . its good ,

12 10 2007

gcccphoto – you should def. go check it out. I wish I lived close to it (well, no, actually i don’t) but if I did I would go. Take pictures!

13 10 2007
Ron Cote

You should not fear ignorance as I think you have it mastered! Don’t go to check it out, it could only confuse you with facts, making you more ignorant!

13 10 2007

Ron – A couple of thoughts.

1. I want to start by telling you that I am consider myself a person of faith (Jewish) and so I do place a great deal of importance on the bible. I understand that my faith leads me to make different choices and conclusions than Mitchell (this blog’s author) may make, but I deeply respect Mitchell’s interest in and dedication to fully exploring the world of faith and ideas. You have to at least give him credit for taking interest in the views held by others rather than simply remaining ignorant of them.

2. I appreciate your posting on a site that does not agree with your viewpoint. It shows that at least you are curious about the opinions of others too. And while you are dismissive of Mitchell, you do manage not to be too rude about it. I don’t mean to be sarcastic; you managed to insult him, but you did not use swear words or threats. Thank you. It is at least a start to honest communication about ideas.

3. I would really like to hear you take on Mitchell’s general contention, that there is no real proof of the ideas of creationism other than the bible. I just went to looking for some discussion of whether there is any science backing up the contentions of creationism and was really disappointed in the lack of any support other than biblical quotes. Can you offer us any good examples of science supporting the claims of the creation museum? Do you have any recommended reading on the web?

4. If we are going to offer the bible as proof of intelligent design, how do you respond to the criticism that the bible is not meant to be taken literally. For example, take a look at the biblical quotes on Hebrews 4:12 “For the word of G-d is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing apart of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” Is this actually claiming that the word of G-d can actually cut people? Clearly not. It is a metaphor. Or look at G-d’s response to Jonah’s questioning; he tells a story about creating and then destroying a large shady tree. Doesn’t that indicate to us that the bible is filled with metaphor, rather than facts? Doesn’t G-d make it clear that he expects people to think about his words? Wasn’t part of Jesus’s message that the days of taking the Hebrew bible (the old Testament) literally were over. That we could not just go around stoning people and taking eyes for eyes; that true obedience to G-d required thought and introspection, not strict interpretation? Why do you feel so strongly that Genesis is meant as a literal story of the creation of the world?

13 10 2007

Are you saying, Kate, that taking the bible’s stories as metaphor makes them anything other than morally reprehensible? What exactly is, then, the metaphoric meaning of the commandment to stone adulterers?

Far more interesting of a conversation than dealing with Ron.

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