Search Terms

22 10 2007

Here’s a sample of some of the terms people typed in search engines yesterday and that lead them to this site.

Dr. Fazale Rana

maynard james keenan quotes

human interest news

what does ignorance mean

free porn website templates

broadcast television news ignorance

dehumanization as politics

statistics religious ignorance in americ

tolstoy quotes religion

satan and fear

Dr. Fazale Rana

Christian Statistics

galileu galilei quotes.

rev jim buckner

aristotle on ignorance

maynard james keenan quotes

kazaa MPAA

black men suck dick

Maynard James Keenan Quotes

saddam hanging

Can’t go wrong when you’re getting traffic from both “aristotle on ignorance” and “black men suck dick”.




2 responses

28 04 2008

i got here by typing ‘i hate the american flag’ into google.
i’m working on a school project about how to handle the flag, so i figured i’d be a pain and show what NOT to do.
i’m glad i found this site though.

28 04 2008

Glad you found us.

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